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Hello fellow wanderer!

I’m Max.

And it’s my goal to help the expansion of the universe by helping you:

the artists, creatives, healers, coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, and businesses…

So that you can get your message out and do what you set out to do:
To help our to expand.

Expansion is...

It’s bringing insight, honesty, authenticity
and creativity into the world.

Graphic Design

...expands meaning to symbols, colours and form.

Logo Design

Your logo is the first point of contact with your clients. It not only sets the mood, but also communicates a whole universe of meaning. Be it your own philosophy, personality, goal or message.

Visual Identity

Your visual identity translates your personality and values to the audience. This is achieved through a mix of graphics, logos, images, colours, and typography.

Business-Cards & Flyers

Print and offline engagement has and always will be essential to sharing information. Handing out print-media - flyers, booklets, magazines, etc. - lets your audience touch and feel your vision.

Keeping up to date

Keeping your audience up to date with the latest information is essential. Not just with the latest news, but also communicating your newest values and ideas. As you change, so does your branding.

Let me help you translate your message into your design.

Web Design

...expands your audience to an ever-growing network.

Allow for more EXPANSION

The internet is the most used medium to share information. Especially recently, we can see the importance of an online-presence. A website is an essential tool to expand your endeavour.


A website is not only meant to show your audience what your have set out to do. It's also crucial for your audience to get in touch with YOU!

Keeping up to date

A website - being a dynamic medium - is perfect for keeping your audience up to date. It's fast and super flexible, allowing for a broad range of media to be communicated.

Technical Details

The website is tested with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android and iOS.

All websites I create are mobile responsive. This means they don’t just look pretty on your desktop computer, but also on your phone.

As many people are browsing the internet on their phones nowadays, this is essential.

By designing through WordPress, I am able to give you the ability to edit your own website – without coding-knowledge.

This enables you to update and continually evolve your website and information.

As your endeavour is as unique as you are, a pre-made theme or website isn’t enough to tell your story.

Each website I create is unique and incorporates you, your values, your philosophy and story.

Creation Process

Creation is in its nature a process. Let me show you the steps we'll take!

1. Connection

2. Creation

3. Delivery

4. Site LIVE

As each project is individual, we'll figure the price out together.



Get to know my work!

Kultfluss UG

Design Work:

Brand identity
Visual identity
Product design
Graphic design
Web design


Kultfluss is a young company based in Berlin. They understand the importance of honesty, team-spirit and friendship within the company.

They are representative of a new way of doing business.


Sonic Ground

Design Work:

Graphic design
Web design


Sonic Ground is a music collective based in Berlin. All of their artist play LIVE electronic music. To achieve this they use synthesizers, drum-machines and samplers. 

With their creative output, playing live and hosting parties, they are pushing the electronic music scene forward.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 11.24.11 am

Stephan Hachtmann

Design Work:

Graphic design
Web design


Stephan Hachtmann is a meditation teacher. He has been teaching “Way of the Heart“, which is an old mystical christian tradition, for over 15 years.
His focus is on healing through and with the heart.

He works in seminar settings, with music, meditation and input.


Birgit Lampe

Design Work:

Graphic design
Web design


Birgit Lampe is a yoga instructor, massage therapist and coach. Her work as developed over 20 years and has helped many people get back in touch with their bodies and minds.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 11.12.49 am

Lexia Hachtmann

Design Work:

Web design


Lexia Hachtmann is an artist focusing on painting and set design. With her work, she captures everyday life and greater meaning through a striking mix of colours and shapes.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 11.06.02 am

Sophia Stegmann

Design Work:

Web design


Sophia Stegmann is a photographer and artist based in Berlin. Her photography inspires to taste and feel the inherent aesthetic of life. 

Let’s expand the universe together!

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